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Passenger automobile exports tumble 58 per cent in H1FY21 as COVID-19 disruptions take toll

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New Delhi: Passenger automobile exports from India declined 57.52 per cent in April-September interval of the present fiscal yr as COVID-19 associated disruptions hampered dispatches to numerous world markets. As per the most recent information by the Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM), passenger automobile exports within the first half of 2020-21 stood at 1,55,156 models as in contrast with 3,65,247 models within the year-ago interval.

Passenger automotive exports throughout the interval below evaluate stood at 1,00,529 models, down 64.93 per cent from 2,86,618 models in April-September, 2019-20.

Similarly, utility automobile shipments noticed a drop of 29.67 per cent at 54,375 models from 77,309 models in the identical interval of 2019-20.

Van shipments additionally witnesssed a drop of 80.91 per cent at 252 models from 1,320 models in April-September final yr.

“This can be largely attributed to the COVID-19 related disruptions globally, which has led to closure of plants and dealerships, supply chain disruptions, curfews in cities and interruptions in international trade,” SIAM Director General Rajesh Menon informed .

However, with rest in lockdown norms globally, exports have improved within the current previous and the month-to-month shipments in second half of the present fiscal are anticipated to be increased than earlier months, he added.

During the second quarter (July-September), PV exports declined by 41.96 per cent to 1,11,555 models as in contrast with 1,92,193 models in the identical interval of 2019-20.

All the main PV exporters noticed vital drop of their abroad shipments throughout the first six months of the present fiscal.

Hyundai Motor India exported 32,041 models, down 68.98 per cent from the identical interval final fiscal.

Maruti Suzuki India exported 31,549 models, down 40.02 per cent from the year-ago interval.

Ford India shipped 26,089 models to abroad markets throughout the interval below evaluate, down 63.69 per cent from April-September final fiscal.

Kia Motors India shipped 16,606 models throughout the interval, a whopping 3,425.69 per cent enhance over April-September interval of 2019-20.

General Motors India exported 16,630 models, down 58.52 per cent from the identical interval final yr.

Similarly, Volkswagen India exported 15,492 models throughout the interval below evaluate, down 59.13 per cent from April-September 2019-20.

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