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Kylie Jenner | Kylie Jenner slams mother Kris’ make-up expertise

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Kylie Jenner has likened her mother Kris Jenner’s make-up expertise to that of her two-year-old daughter.

The ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ star was lower than impressed together with her mom’s make-up expertise -describing it as extra like one thing Stormi would do – as Kris helped to use crimson lipstick on Kylie’s lips.

In a brand new YouTube video for Kylie’s channel, Kylie admitted she was “terrified” in regards to the prospect of her mom doing her make-up however she simply assured: “We’re bringing back the 80s. You just sit back and relax.”

It is all going pretty alright till the lipstick comes into play.

She stated: “I want to go very dramatic.”

Before Kris joked again: “It’s like Stormi is doing your lips … Don’t look. Please don’t look. It’s not like you’re going to the Met Gala. You’re gonna be fine.”

After it was all executed, Kris steps again and admires her handiwork.

Addressing the digicam, she stated: “This is my look for Kylie Jenner and I’m calling it ‘glamorous daytime.'”

Kylie appreciated the blush and eyeshadow however branded her eyebrows “silly” and criticised her powdering expertise. However, she admitted she was “pleasantly surprised” and would exit in it if she “absolutely had to”.

Meanwhile, Kylie beforehand confessed she was grateful when she was youthful to have her mom Kris readily available to supply her skincare recommendation.

She stated: “My first experience was definitely with face wash! I went through that typical teenage stage and needed a good, simple face wash for day and night. My mom really helped me navigate through all of that – and she knew exactly what products to buy having done it so many times with my older sisters!”

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