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Cliff Williams | Cliff Williams: I hope Malcolm Young is ‘trying down’ on AC/DC

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Cliff Williams hopes the late Malcolm Young is “looking down” on AC/DC and “liking” their new report.

The rhythm guitarist, backing vocalist, and songwriter was one of many co-founders of AC/DC, and after he sadly handed away in 2017, the group – together with Malcolm’s brother Angus Young and his nephew Stevie Young, in addition to Cliff, Brian Johnson and Phil Rudd – determined to return collectively to report a brand new album, titled ‘Power Up’, “with Malcolm in mind”.

And after the album’s launch on November 13, bassist Cliff has mentioned he hopes Malcolm is a fan of the report.

He defined: “[Malcolm was] a real strong character, like his brother. He wrote some awesome stuff and he was an unbelievable player to play with. A solid guy, a totally solid guy. We were talking about this the other day – it’s like he’s still there. We can feel hi min everything, because of how long we were together.

“Not being soppy and hippie about it, but it’s a feeling that we all have, so hopefully he’s looking down and liking it.”

Cliff additionally revealed it was a acutely aware determination by Angus and their report label, Sony Music, to launch an album in dedication to Malcolm, after the band beforehand reconvened to launch their iconic ‘Back in Black’ album following the passing of BON SCOTT in 1980.

He added to Bass Player journal: “Angus and Sony reached out a couple of years ago, asking if we would have any interest in getting together to do an album with Malcolm in mind.

“‘Back in Black’ had Bon Scott in mind. This album has Malcolm in mind – and because it was Brian and Angus and Phil and Stevie, I wanted to do it. And it went really well.”

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